About Copyjuice Media

Ashley and Kasey Steinbrinck, founders of Copyjuice.com

Kasey and Ashley Steinbrinck started Copyjuice Media from their home in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 2012.

Together they have a combined 13 years of experience in media production, sales and marketing as well as a wide variety of writing and design work for companies in northeast Wisconsin.

It’s their mission to provide small business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in marketing with ideas that are effective (that means they get results) and creative (that means they’re fresh and exciting).

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We know what you’re thinking! A husband and wife duo starting their own business? That could be trouble. It will be. But there are a lot of great benefits too. In a typical ad agency, you’re going to be dealing with egos, lots of drama behind the scenes and the constant concern of hurting the feelings of someone else, not to mention the pressure to approve of your boss’s ideas.

However, the fact that these two can be brutally honest with each other only ends up leaving you with final products that are a cut above the rest! That includes the content on the Copyjuice Marketing Blog and the work they do for clients. Sure, a few pieces of furniture might get thrown across the room every now and then. But at the end of the day, these guys are required to make nice.

When Copy Met Art…

The Steinbrincks had always tossed around the idea of starting a business in which they could do the things they love to do. But for the most part, it was a lot of talk, just a pipe dream, something to tell friends and family about after one too many glasses of wine.

There were many things that pushed Kasey and Ashley to finally take the jump and launch Copyjuice. One in particular made something click in their minds.

The 2009 documentary film Art & Copy details the creative boom in the advertising industry during the 1960s. Early in the film, the statement is made that everything changed when advertisers started putting copywriters and art directors together in the same room.

Here’s the film’s trailer…

When you work with Copyjuice or simply stop by to take in any of the marketing advice available on the blog, you are getting that same revolutionary combination!

The “Copywriter” – Kasey Steinbrinck

From the time he was young, people told Kasey he was a good storyteller. He’s always loved making people laugh, cry, think and even enjoys ticking people off (Okay maybe he especially enjoys that). But writing is not exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

In fact, during a copywriting job interview not that long ago, Kasey told the hiring manager he thought he’d be bored just writing all the time. Needless to say…he did not get the gig.

Since then he’s realized that good writing is the cornerstone holding up all sorts of creative content and original ideas. From screenplays for movies to lyrics for  music. If you can craft words, you can move people.

Kasey gets a kick out of pushing people’s buttons. Even though he still likes to consider himself more than just a writer – being a good storyteller isn’t all that bad.

The “Artist” – Ashley Steinbrinck

When she went off to college and started learning the ways of advertising and marketing, Ashley found she had a passion for graphic design. It was a creative outlet that made her feel like she was on top of the world – and she was good at it!

But there’s something different about Ashley when compared to most other graphic artists and art directors. She’s always had a natural knack for sales.

From her days as a waitress up-selling loaded baked potatoes to her record-breaking ambition for commission at a dental supply company – being persuasive and persistent is Ashley’s specialty. That comes through in her graphic design. Ashley’s work will catch your eye and boost your sales!

And That’s Not All!

As Copyjuice continues to grow over the coming months and years, we’ll also be calling on some of the many people we’ve worked with and respect to provide their unique insights into the world of advertising and marketing.

Look for Copyjuice.com to cover everything from digital photography and video production to social media and search engine optimization. What we’re really passionate about is content marketing. Read more about this exciting new way to reach people and find out why your small business needs a content marketing strategy.

We’re excited about hearing your ideas too! So make sure you leave comments on all the content and send us an email with questions and suggestions. Thanks for visiting Copyjuice.com!

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