7 Tips to Help You Write Conversationally

vintage writing conversationallyConversational writing is a crucial component of both good copywriting and effective content marketing.

But as easy as it sounds – it is not always easy to pull off.

A lot of people have trouble writing conversationally.

We want to sound intelligent. We want to sound professional. We can feel our high school English teacher looking over our shoulders as we try to type.

The key to becoming a better writer is letting go of all that.

Here are some suggestions to help shake off the chains, and enjoy the freedom of writing like you.

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How I Became the Don Draper of Personal Checks

don draper copywritingOkay…so the truth is I’m more like the Peggy Olson of personal checks. But that title just didn’t have the same kind of ring to it.

Don Draper, the main character in AMC’s hit show Mad Men, is an adman in the 1960s with a shady past.

He’s also become a pop-culture icon for people in advertising and marketing, because he can come up with a powerfully persuasive pitch for any product.

Now I don’t have same darkly disturbing back-story as Draper. And I don’t have my own office with a couch, an attractive secretary or a fully stocked bar. I sit in a cubicle with a coffee mug and dirty Tupperware containers, which I keep forgetting to bring home.

However, I used some of the same copywriting strategies you see implemented by the fictional advertising aces of Sterling Cooper Draper Price. I used them to help sell a typically boring product that people are using less and less these days.

Sales revenue on my employer’s website increased at least 50% each year after I started writing copy.

This is how it happened…
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Five Reasons Why Your Customers Say No

saying no to your businessEvery business owner wants her customers to say “Yes!”

Yes to making a purchase.

Yes to subscribing to your email list.

Yes to your company instead of your competitors.

But in the quest to get people to choose our businesses, we tend to focus a little too much on getting a Yes. What you really need to do is to figure out why they are saying No.

Discover the reasons people turn down your offer and you can unlock secrets to better marketing and more sales.
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Copywriting That Can Make Customers and Clients Feel Terrible

angry man pointing at youIt’s one of the very first thing we learn about writing effective sales copy.

The word You is powerful…perhaps the most powerful word in your copywriting arsenal.

It puts the reader inside your sales copy. They can envision themselves using the product or benefiting from your services. They can feel as if they’re having an intimate conversation instead of being tricked into spending money.

But use the word You in the wrong way and you could seriously tick off potential customers and clients, sending them running in the other direction.
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