Would You Recognize a Big Idea if it Slapped You in the Face?

david ogilvy on big ideas

David Ogilvy

Getting a big idea is like panning for gold in the river and discovering a shiny nugget.

But those moment of brilliance are pretty rare.

In his book, Ogilvy on Advertising, the legendary David Ogilvy said he had no more than 20 big ideas in his career. Yet he also believed that for an advertising campaign to be successful, a big idea was a necessity.

Most of us have no problem recognizing our own amazing ideas.

It’s pretty hard to miss that feeling of coming up with something new and exciting, the relief of finding the perfect solution to a problem or the joy of a creative breakthrough.

It’s a lot tougher to recognize a big idea from someone else.

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The Customer Revolution – Why You Need to Make Them Your Most Trusted Business Partners

There’s a revolution brewing…

Not long from now, your customers and clients will be taking over.

You can either choose to be on their side, or you can choose to let your business sink into the oblivion of irrelevance.

This is not an article about better customer service. This is an article about an exciting change that is taking place all over the world.

It’s about re-thinking your relationship with the people you serve.

We are quickly entering a time when the consumer will not only tell companies what it is they really want – they’ll actually make it too.

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Why a Garage is the Perfect Place to Start Your Small Business

Hewlett-Packard garageDo you ever cringe a little bit at the term small business?

Most of us are proud to be entrepreneurs or to be part of the business world that’s creating the most jobs and producing innovative ideas. But if you have big dreams, that word small might kind of bug you.

Your vision for the company you create may include lofty, long-term goals. Yet right now, you wonder if you’ll always be stuck at square one.

Stop stressing. Starting small means starting smart. Without those first small steps toward the realization of your vision, you probably wouldn’t get going at all.

Just look at the many major corporations that kicked things off inside a garage.

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Busted! 5 Stupid Myths About Your Creativity

handcuffed hands Creativity and innovation are at the core of successful small businesses.

But what if you don’t consider yourself to be the so-called creative type?

You might be more of a number-cruncher, a tech expert, a project manager or a salesman. Maybe you think coming up with colorful, creative ideas just isn’t something you were cut out to do.

Stop telling yourself lies!

Most of the innovative ideas in this country come from small companies and startups. That’s because most large corporations are resistant to any sort of change. You need to bring creativity into the workplace at your small business – otherwise you probably won’t survive.

We’ve all come to believe a bunch of baloney concerning our creative abilities, as well as who is creative and who is not. If you want to know the truth…just keep reading.
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3 Powerful Content Marketing Lessons from Louis C.K.

louis ck wiki imageStandup comedians are a type of small business owner.

They are brands. They are often entrepreneurs and innovators. They’ve been doing content marketing long before it became a buzz-worthy concept.

The smartest comics saw lots of opportunities online.

They’ve used social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to connect with fans and test out material. They take advantage of video sites like YouTube and use their blogs/websites to create a loyal following while promoting what they’re up to.

Right now, Louis C.K. is one of the most successful comedians in the business. One reason why is that he has figured out how to use content marketing to his advantage.

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The 5 Steps You Need to Come Up With a Good Idea

What if you could explain the way ideas are born?

What if there were an actual process you could follow over and over again to consistently come up with creative solutions to problems, new marketing ideas, product ideas and more?

According to advertising legend James Webb Young, producing an idea can be as systematic as building a Ford.

Webb Young wrote a short book in the 1940s called A Technique for Producing Ideas.

He says he started thinking about how we come up with ideas after an advertising manager for a magazine told him he no longer wanted sales staff to sell space in the magazine.  Instead – he wanted them to sell ideas.

The problem was – this guy had no clue how to get his staff to start coming up with ideas.  He went to Webb Young hoping the advertising genius could explain his methods for coming up with ideas.

At first, Webb Young found the request almost laughable. But he was also intrigued. Here’s what he discovered after a lot of deep-thinking, observation and research…
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