How to Use the Local News to Promote Your Small Business

local news vehicleWhile the role of traditional media in advertising, marketing and public relations is changing – it will always play a part.

Since many small businesses focus on a local customer base, obtaining coverage from local TV stations and newspapers is one of the best ways to get free publicity.

It can put your business right in front of the people you want to reach. Those are some valuable eyeballs!

Getting that coverage – especially when you really want it – can seem awfully tricky. But there are some best practices, which make your chances of getting on air or in print a whole lot better.

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Four Reasons Why Your Storytelling Stinks and Doesn’t Sell

stinky storytellingHate to break it to you, but your storytelling is going over like a fart in church.

It’s not that you don’t know how to write. You really are pretty smart – and quite entertaining too.

But there might be something rotten in the mix, because the stories you use in your sales letters, product descriptions, newsletters, landing pages and articles just aren’t getting the results they should.

Marketing and advertising agencies all over the country are lauding the all-encompassing power of story! They say they want to tell your company’s story. Talking about the magical effects of storytelling and marketing is almost cliche.

Storytelling really can be a great tool…when it’s done effectively. Telling a story isn’t a guarantee for success. You have to tell the right story the right way.

Avoid these four storytelling mistakes and you’ll be much more likely to get the outcome you want.

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Five Reasons Why Your Customers Say No

saying no to your businessEvery business owner wants her customers to say “Yes!”

Yes to making a purchase.

Yes to subscribing to your email list.

Yes to your company instead of your competitors.

But in the quest to get people to choose our businesses, we tend to focus a little too much on getting a Yes. What you really need to do is to figure out why they are saying No.

Discover the reasons people turn down your offer and you can unlock secrets to better marketing and more sales.
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The Four Types of Customers and How You Deal With Them [Infographic]

When you’re working directly with customers, you’ll run into several different kinds of people.

You’ll encounter them in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer organizations.

People think differently and react or behave in various ways. But it is possible to categorize some of the main personality types you’ll deal with in sales.

These human tendencies represent four main types of customer behavior. They were originally explained by V. R. Buzzota and Robert E. Lefton of Psychological Associates.

We’ve given them our own names and a Copyjuice makeover:

  1. The Jerk
  2. The Scaredy-Cat
  3. The Chatty Kathy
  4. The Jackpot

Check out the following infographic explaining these customers and their behavior. Then keep reading for an in-depth explanation detailing the best way to handle each one of these characters.
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How to Sell More By Not Selling at All

Selling a Smelly FishHave you ever heard someone complain that their fish is too fishy?

Isn’t it ironic that people will order a plate of fish and hope that it doesn’t taste or smell fishy? Yet, can’t you relate? I understand the whole fishy fish thing and would prefer to eat fish that’s not fishy myself!

We find the same irony with sales. Because most people like to shop and buy things, but they don’t like to be sold to. In other words, they don’t want a salesperson to be too selly.

Too selly means too cheesy, corny, pushy, overbearing, fake, selfish, robotic or just plain annoying. Even people who work in sales don’t like to be put through that sort of baloney.

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The Persuasive Punchline – How to Be Funny and Sell Stuff Too

What’s your favorite TV commercial?

I’d be willing to bet it’s an advertisement that makes you laugh.

However, some new research indicates “going for the funny” doesn’t mean you’ll boost sales any more than when you’re being serious.

In fact, perhaps you just thought about your favorite commercial, and the product or brand didn’t even come to mind.

Humor certainly can work in advertising and marketing – but all too often – being funny defeats the purpose. It’s hard enough to make people laugh in everyday life. So how can you be both hilarious and persuasive with small business marketing?

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