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“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” ~ David Ogilvy


That’s one of the most well-known quotations from a man who is one of the all-time greats in advertising.

Being creative is a big deal. Ogilvy knew that. But he was also wise enough to realize if  the only thing so-called creativity does for your company is make you look different – that’s just not going to cut it!

What’s the point of getting noticed if it does nothing to build your business? What’s the benefit of a logo that looks amazing if people don’t remember who you are? What do you gain from an artsy ad that doesn’t actually boost your sales? Nothing.

You don’t get to put up any advertising awards on your shelf – the agency does. So make sure you work with a company that strives for effective creativity – not their own egos.

At Copyjuice, we take pride in combining our creative eye with real-world sales experience. We’ll make sure the media never outshines or overshadows the message your company needs to convey.

Here are some of the graphic design services we offer…

Logo Design

A good logo is professional, clean and memorable. A great logo is all those things, plus, it will also communicate your brand’s purpose and mission. They say a picture is worth one-thousand words. We think an effective logo is worth one-thousand slogans.

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Online Ad Design

Well-designed web graphics are an excellent way to generate more sales and boost conversion. Regardless of whether you’re in e-commerce, info-marketing or simply want to grab the attention of visitors to your website, the right online ad design can make a big difference.

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Infographic Design

Infographics can turn dry, dull data and surveys that make you want to fall asleep into eye-catching, engaging content. Your small business can use them to prove a point, educate customers and clients, or drive traffic to your website.

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Design for Print

Newsletters, brochures, direct mail pieces and more! There are many ways to communicate with your customer base, clientele, supporters and employees through print. If you need help laying it all out in a clear, clean and attractive format – we can help!

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What Do You Really Need?

Looking for something out-of -the ordinary or simply not mentioned above? Tell us about it!

We love hearing ideas and taking on new challenges. If for some reason Copyjuice is not the right fit, we won’t hesitate to recommend someone who will do a fantastic job. Contact us about your needs or any of our standard services.

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