Make Your Small Business Memorable with the Perfect Logo

What do the companies IBM, UPS, ABC Television and Enron have in common?

We’re willing to bet you can picture all those logos in your mind right now. These are timeless icons forever burned into our brains, and they were all created by one man, legendary graphic designer Paul Rand.

Are Rand’s designs all flashy, jump-of-the-screen, in-your-face logos? No. In fact they’re quite straightforward, even simple. Rand understood that in order for a logo to be effective, its meaning is much more important than how it looks.

The logo you use for your small business is like the unmistakable flag of a powerful nation. It will signify what you stand for, what you do and the people you do it for.

At Copyjuice, we design logos that are distinct, memorable, timeless and fitting. We believe a well-designed logo can help the public view your company positively. But it also works both ways. A good-looking logo is only going to take you so far. The truth is, a logo is only as good as the company it represents.

What do you think about (or feel) when you see Paul Rand’s Enron logo? Get the picture?

So let’s work together on this one! You can have us design a logo that will become a true classic. You can use it on your website, business cards, presentations, print material and more. Then you just keep running an amazing business that people love. Now when they see your logo – they will remember your hard work, dedication and exceptional service.

One Last Thing…

If your organization has already been using a specific logo for quite some time, it may not be the wisest marketing decision to create a new one. Just because your sick of looking at it doesn’t mean designing something different will necessarily improve the way your business is perceived.

It’s likely that you’ve already branded yourself in the minds of customers and clients using your existing logo design.

At Copyjuice, we’re dedicated to making your business a success. If your company doesn’t need a new logo, we may suggest you stick with what you’ve got. But if you’re running a start-up, or want to start from scratch with your branding, contact us and let’s create an unforgettable logo!

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