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If you hang around Copyjuice.com, you’ve probably noticed that we focus a lot of our efforts and advice on marketing small businesses in a digital world.

While that’s definitely where things are headed,  it certainly doesn’t mean offline marketing is disappearing anytime soon.

You may call it junk mail. You may throw it away with out even opening it. But according to the Direct Marketing Association, direct marketing still makes up more than half of all the money spent on advertising in America, and direct mail makes up to $50-billion of that.

You may also want to keep in contact with your clients and customers through regular newsletters. However, you have this sinking feeling barely anyone will actually read them.

So how can you make sure you see a valuable return on your investment in print marketing?

Marketing That’s Too Valuable to Toss Out

Our firm belief is that your marketing efforts should be too good to ignore and too incredible to chuck in the trash can.

If you’ve ever opened up a piece of direct mail even though you knew it was an advertisement, you understand that it can work.

When your direct mail makes people drool over what you’re offering, and when your newsletters get saved so they can be read again later, that’s when you know you’re doing it right.

At Copyjuice we bring the same attitude and unique ideas to print campaigns as we do to our online marketing efforts.

By helping you develop both an irresistible offer and combining it with a piece of direct mail that creates curiosity – we can put together a print marketing campaign for your company that gets results.

Contact us today and lets talk about how we can start getting new customers to respond to your marketing and advertising. Whether you need a ghostwriter for your monthly newsletter, some convincing copy for brochures, or have an interesting idea for a direct mailer – we want to hear about it.

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